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πλαστικό τραπεζάκι για pizza

Paper cylinder packaging caps

Paper packing stoppers are mainly used in packing and mailing paper rolls

As well as in aluminum and plastic containers.

bottles, vials, spices, food, drinks, etc. can be placed in the containers.

τραπεζάκι πίτσας

Paper packaging caps

Production material:  hard polyethylene (HDPE)

Sizes: Φ40,


more sizes on order


  • packing

  • madden postal cylinders

  • souvenir

Takeaway Pizza

Raw material suitable for food

we only use certified, food-grade raw material for the production of the caps for food packaging.

Choice of coloring

You could choose the coloring that satisfies you and represents your object among dozens of shades and combinations

Blue Plastic Granules
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