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Γωνίες τρίεδρες πλαστικές προστασίας για χαρτοκιβώτια

Trihedral packing corners (open)

Trihedral packing corners are used to protect the corners of materials and finished products during their transport and storage.

Open corners are usually applied inside and outside cartons or in cases of packaging to protect the corners from possible damage due to impact, as the corners are a sensitive point.

The special design allows easy placement on the corners without damaging the product.

Trihedral angles can be used in a multitude of materials and applications, without being limited by dimensions.

γωνίες συσκευασίας τρίεδρες.jpg

Corners of packing trihedrals open

Production material:  soft polyethylene (LDPE)

size: 60 x 60 x 26 x 1.5mm

Scope of application: independent


  • kitchen doors 

  • bathroom and wardrobe doors.

  • kitchen counters.

  • aluminum doors.

  • frames, books, panels, etc.

  • Corner protection

Modern Kitchen
πλαστικές ανοιχτές γωνίες συσκευασίας

Smart design...

The three-sided packing corners are specially designed to be easily and quickly adjusted without effort and other expenses.

The shape of the protective corners contributes to the maximum protection of the corners from impact and to ensure the sensitive products in the placement of the protector.

Environmental awareness...

Respecting the environment, we collect and recycle products in order to process them into something new, preventing them from being "unloaded" in the landfill, thus contributing to a better tomorrow.

Image by Noah Buscher
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