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There is no shortage of great ideas, what is missing is the will to make them happen

Plastic factory

Production of plastics

Mold making

Cad cam design

Complete solutions

Since its establishment in 1986, the Delta plast & Mold plastics factory has been based in the area of Batharistra in Corinth and has been active in the field of plastic product production and the manufacture of injection moulds, having a fully equipped machine shop and having, among other things, at our disposal , a Haas vertical CNC machining center equipped with a Cad/Cam design program and probing system.

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Why to choose us

Manufacture of plastic molds

We have the equipment and know-how to manufacture quality molds with high productivity at a competitive cost

We offer complete solutions

From the study and design of a product to the construction of the mold and its production

production of plastic products

With over 35 years of experience in the field of plastic goods production, we are able to meet even the highest standards.

Within of space

We take care of the orderly operation of the molds as we undertake any damage restoration and their maintenance.

Our products go through quality assurance and technical specification checks every day.

One of our main interests is the satisfaction of our partners and responding to the "spirit" of the times.

As a primary goal, we have the direct service of our partners, as well as, we always seek to have transparent relationships.

 Our goal is to create long-term professional relationships characterized by courtesy and helpfulness in the context of mutual development.

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