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Who we are

The sole proprietorship Delta plast & mold was founded in 1986 by Nikolaos Kakalidis and is based in the area of Batharistra in Corinth. the company is active in the production and distribution of plastic items and the manufacture of plastic injection molds, having at its disposal a fully equipped machine shop with specialized machines as well as a vertical CNC machining center


​Delta plast & mold has been involved with passion and consistency in the production of plastics for more than 30 years and is a complete unit for the production of plastic objects and the manufacture of injection molding molds. With the  specialized equipment we provide we are able to manufacture plastic production molds as well as undertake the production of your products.



Our priorities are   the satisfaction of our partners' expectations as well as the response to the data of the times with a view to the production of quality products in the context of the competition, aiming to expand the circle of our partners with a vision to create lovers and long-term partnerships.

Human factor


By creating you discover pieces that make up yourself, we can help with that


Our philosophy is based on transparency as we consider it a cornerstone


We know the importance of time, we make sure to be efficient and prompt

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