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αγκράφα πλαστική για τσέρκι

Plastic buckles / hoop fasteners

Plastic hoop buckles are used for tying 

of various loads and palletizing using a hoop. it is essentially a plastic hoop fastener

their use is simple and quick without requiring any equipment and the tightening is done by hand.

Plastic hoop buckles are an extremely economical method of tying and palletizing your goods compared to other methods. Their use is indicated for light to medium weight loads.

are produced from high quality recycled polypropylene which gives hardness 

αγκράφες τσερκιού

Plastic hoop clip buckle

Production material: polypropylene (PP)

size: open length 64mm width 25mm

Application range: Hoop up to 12mm wide.


  • girdle tightening

  • hoop connection

  • restraint

  • hoop load clamping

  • sealing of cartons

Warehouse Shelves from Above
αγκραφεσ τσερκιου απο PP

Smart design...

The plastic hoop buckles are specially designed to   not slip. their shape combined with the production material give excellent strength and mechanical properties without it bending or breaking.

Environmental awareness...

Respecting the environment, we collect and recycle products in order to process them into something new, preventing them from being "unloaded" in the landfill, thus contributing to a better tomorrow.

Image by Noah Buscher
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